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Related article: Blood Red Moon II Chapter 06 body { margin: 0; background-color: #FF6347; scrollbar-base-color: #ED5135; color: #000000; } A:link { text-decoration: underline; color: #C40800; } A:hover { text-decoration: underline; color: #386018; } A:active { text-decoration: none; color: #386018; } A:visited { text-decoration: underline; color: #994100; } p, li, dt, dd { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; text-align: left; color: #000000; } pre { color: #000000; } h1 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 15pt; text-align: center; color: #A02902; } h2 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 13pt; text-align: left; color: #A02902; } h3 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left; color: #000000; } .tleft { margin-left: 6px; font-family: "Tahoma", sans-serif; font-size: 8pt; text-align: left; } .tright { margin-right: 6px; font-family: "Tahoma", sans-serif; font-size: 8pt; text-align: right; } hr { height: 1px; border: 1px solid #A04800; } .tmain { background-color: #FF7E62; border: 1px solid #A04800; border-collapse: collapse; } .tdark { background-color: #F8775B; border: 1px solid #A04800; border-collapse: collapse; } Chapter 06 This story is purely fictional. However, some places mentioned do in fact exist, but certain things may be changed for the advantage of the story. This story will, at some point, include sexual relations between Lolita Underage Nude two males. If you don't want to read something like that, then leave. If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas), or if it is illegal for you to view this material, then you should exit out of this. This story is copyrighted and may not be copied for any reason, without the author's permission. Please send all comments to . Chapter 6 When morning dawned Andrew and I still slept. In fact we didn't move until well past morning into the afternoon. When I awoke I was stunned that I had yet to ask what had happened to Sandy. She had been in the room with me when we were attacked. As Andrew had awoken at exactly the same time I had, as he did every morning, he noticed my shock at not having asked earlier. How could I be so crass? "You have been a bit busy and overwhelmed love. If something had happened to her I would have told you. She was untouched. She had a monster of a headache and I know I didn't help matters, because I was a raving lunatic and I went after her trying to get any information about your attackers from her. I owe her a major apology my love. I doubt that she will ever see me as the loving gentle boy she knew. I believe I have probably blown that reputation with Tim as well. They will never call me caring, gentle and sensitive again." Andrew was ashamed of his behavior but not the feelings behind them. "Are you really ok my love?" he stroked my face and gently kissed my Lolita Underage Nude hands. "Yes, I really am. I have a little brother. I never dreamed that I could actually have blood family." "Well let's go get cleaned up and get something to eat and see how your little brother is getting along with the rest of the family. He seemed to have come around to Grandfather last night. Things may seem a bit different to him now that it is morning or rather afternoon." Andrew sat up and pulled me with him as we went to the bathroom to shower. I remembered with joy that Sam had brought jeans with on that horrible day that I had been taken from my family and I looked forward to being comfortable for a change. "You may want to rethink that love. I believe that Grandfather will be having Stephon and Quinn come today. Although they definitely got a show the last time they were here. They walked in just as I was freaking out because you had passed out and were gone. Your mind was gone so suddenly from mine and I was one hundred percent a raging mad animal. You would have been amazed. I have never seen Stephon move so fast in his life. No one could get a hand on me. He had me in his arms in seconds. He kept saying so softly `Poodle, you wouldn't hurt me and I know it. Now calm down. We'll find him.' He held me till I gave up in his arms and cried, till I started to get a grip on my hysteria. It was then that Tim was able to get through to me to see if I could hear your heartbeat. When I could he said `see you know he's alive, find him.' Grandfather made apologies to Quinn and said he would call him when we got back." "Ugh ... I wanted to wear my JEANS!" I moaned and stamped my foot like a child having a tantrum. "It will only be Stephon you would be disappointing. I personally love how you look in jeans." He growled a bit and snuggled into my neck. I laughed and taking a deep breath I opened Stephon's trunk of fashion Do's and no don'ts. I kept thinking for Stephon, I would do this because I knew he would be disappointed if I didn't wear something he deemed appropriate. I looked through the outfits and tried to find something that would make even Stephon proud. I settled for a light gray pair of slacks and a red tank top and a gray fitted cashmere button front sweater. I found a pair of gray loafers and then turned to see Andrew watching me, his eyes full of love. He stood naked in the bathroom doorway with a tooth brush in his mouth. His hair was so long now that it hung even with his jaw line. He was my golden brown god with the sky blue eyes, my glorious angel. I looked back at him with as much love as was in my heart. I felt it returned in full from those beatific eyes. He sighed and went back into the bathroom. His imagination was filled with ways to take off my clothes... I laughed and I followed him and brushed my teeth. When I was finished he was standing behind me in his tailored black pants and a sky blue button front shirt. He left it open so his necklace would show, as my necklace also showed at my throat. Now my imagination was filled with ways to remove his clothes and he was chuckling promising he would let me remove them later. We moved then to the bed, he had my comb in hand and was working out the snarls in my hair when we heard a soft knock at the front door. Andrew smiled and rose, handing me the comb and opened the door. I knew it would be Henry. I was sure he just couldn't contain himself any longer and needed to check on us. "Hi kiddo" I heard Andrew greet Henry warmly. I felt him sweep the boy into his arms for a hug and Lolita Underage Nude the put him back on the ground and point to the bedroom. I heard him come running and when he saw me from the doorway sitting smiling on the bed. He ran and tackled me. I caught him and pulled him onto my lap and hugged him tightly. "Good morning sweetheart." I hugged him tightly as Andrew came behind me and took the comb from my hand and began to work on my hair again. "Are you having fun with Grandfather?" Henry nodded his head and grinned. "Good I am so glad." I heard footsteps out in the sitting room and I knew that Andrew had left the door open. "Good morning." I heard Grandfather call. "Good Afternoon Grandfather. We are in the bedroom. Come on in." I smiled as Grandfather tentatively walked towards the open door. I was sure he wasn't sure what condition we would be in. I stifled my giggles at his hesitance. Grandfather relaxed as he saw Andrew combing my hair and I sat with Henry on my lap... All of us appropriately dressed. "Good morning children. How does the day find you?" he stood before me and kissed me gently on the forehead. I took his hand and pulled him down on the bed beside me. "We are well. Thank you." "Well and Hungry." Andrew amended smiling. "Well then I think I need to order up something from the kitchen." Charlie said standing Lolita Underage Nude in the doorway smiling at me and disappearing again. "Are you hungry?" I asked Henry. He nodded. "Enough for three, Charlie please." I knew I could speak in my normal voice with the doors closed and Charlie and all the vampires in the house could hear me if they wanted too. "Good morning Tim. Come on in." I glanced over my shoulder at Andrew. He was smiling knowing as well as I did that Tim was hovering outside the door. "When will you get over the fact that you are not intruding. You don't need to leave whenever we are having a moment. You are part of the moment Timothy." I scolded gently. Tim stepped in front of the open door that joined the bedroom and the sitting room. "Thank you for that." Tim smiled at me. I saw him glance at Charlie who was standing on the other side of the door. Andrew had all the snarls out of my hair so I took the length of it braided it into a single plaint down my back. It was really getting long Lolita Underage Nude it hung to my waist. "Charlie, do you still have Lance's silver combs?" Andrew asked. Charlie appeared from around the door smiling and handed him my combs and he slid them into place. I grinned. I had missed my silver combs. We weren't hiding anymore. The last attack had made everyone angry and we were all finished with it. We would not hide in the background anymore. Henry touched the combs that were in my hair and then smiled and looked into my eyes. "Nice aren't they." Lolita Underage Nude I asked him. Henry nodded his approval and then climbed out of my arms and into Grandfather's. I grinned and let him go. It seemed I was properly attired and made up for the day. So everyone stood and headed into the sitting room, Grandfather carrying Henry on his shoulders. "Ok," I said taking a deep breath and walking out and taking a seat at the sofa, with Andrew, my family spread around me. "Where are we now?" I asked the room in general "What is on tap for today?" "Are you alright?" asked Grandfather his voice filled with concern. "Yes. I am fine. I'm a bit shook up but much better now with all of you around me. I may never let any of you out of my sight again for as long as I live, but other than that I'm good." I teased and looked each member of my beloved family in the eye. "I am hoping that with Charlotte gone now that Brad will not have any other agents in the house. I'm tired of playing defense." I said with a touch of a growl in my voice. The buzzer at the door interrupted further conversation. "Yes", Charlie answered the intercom. "Jack and Joe Reed have arrived... they have news for the family." A male voice replied. I guessed it had to be one of the guards taking over door duty from the recently deceased Charlotte. "Let them in and tell them we are up in Lance and Andrew's suite. They should join us here." Charlie returned to the room. "Well, Stephon, Quinn and I are going to try and have our meeting later this afternoon. Quinn did not get the best impression of us last time walking in on your disappearance. Stephon understood Andrew's distress but Quinn thought it was all a show for his benefit. How he could possibly have believed that I don't understand. I always thought of Quinn as one of those who would remember the old ones. The pain Andrew was in could not be denied." Grandfather shook his head confused. "Hi all" Jack and Joe said together walking into the sitting room. Henry looked at the twins and smiled shyly. "Hey little bro" Joe said smiling at Henry and held up a hand for a high five. Henry beamed under the attention and slapped hands with Joe. "Well we have good news, bad news and strange news what do you want first." Jack said looking at Andrew and then at me. "Give it to me straight Jack. Nerves still a bit frayed here." I smiled at Jack and then at Joe who was playing with Henry, making faces. I caught Jack looking significantly at Henry and then Joe. I understood. "Henry you want to show Joe the house. I don't think he has seen it yet and maybe you could find the kitchens and get a snack from the cook. They seem to be taking a while down there." Henry looked at me questioning but then smiled and ran over to Joe, took his hand and ran from the room. Jack turned Lolita Underage Nude then and quietly closed the door. "Ok Jack spill it." I was really nervous now. "Henry is a twin, a fraternal twin. His other Lolita Underage Nude half is a girl. They were separated at birth. Henry went to one home and LytaRose Alexandra Gail Fenrir Fitz went to a different home. She is currently at a group home here in Denver. From what we can tell, they call her LytaRose Fitz. In other news, there is a chance you have an older brother. He was born about 10 years before you Lance. His name is Justin Henry Vernon Fenrir Fitz. We were able to track him till he was 15. Then he was involved in some sort of a car accident with another teenage boy in San Diego, California. After that, he drops of the grid. We don't know if he went animal or freaked or was killed. There is no record of his death but I don't know where else to look." Jack shook his head as if the disappearance was a major puzzle to him and he was determined to break it down. "I haven't given up. As long as there aren't death records, he may be out there somewhere. If he is, we will find him." "Wow, Jack. Ok. I know you won't quit looking. Thank Lolita Underage Nude you." I was trembling now and Andrew was holding my shoulders, a little sister and a missing older brother. "Grandfather?" Grandfather held up a finger, he was on the phone. "Yes, the child's name is LytaRose Fitz. She is in one of the homes here in Denver. I want custody turned over to me and my Grandson Lance Fitz, who is the child's older brother... Yes. I want it done yesterday. I wouldn't expect there to be any other custody issues should be Lolita Underage Nude straightforward like the Henry's was. There may be something on her file about disciplinary problems... whatever it is I want it to go away. I want to be able to send my Grandson to pick up the child in an hour. The sooner the better Sloane. It is what I pay you for." Grandfather hung up the phone. "Taken care of Love. Sloane will call me as soon as you can go pick her up from Social Services. There shouldn't be any trouble. Sloane is good at what he does. Then Tim can run tests on both children without interference. I don't have any question about Henry. He has the same facial structure you do my dear if his coloring is a bit different. More like his father than his mother. Still it is good to be certain. If it turns out to be something different well then we will still see to their education and love them as if they were ours." The expanse of Grandfather's heart was obviously unmatched. "Jack, when you were searching for Justin, on the day of his disappearance, did you check the newspapers for any strange animal sightings. I mean, he was 15, mid-puberty. What if he transformed, freaked, and got stuck as an animal because he couldn't calm down and then began to believe it was irreversible. I mean at Lolita Underage Nude least if there were strange animal sightings we might at least have an idea if he went animal or not. I remember the first time I turned, before I knew what I was. I was sure it was permanent and that I was some kind of animal. I thought I was a werewolf and was having visions of `The Howling'. If I hadn't been in the woods where it was peaceful, hard telling what would have happened to me." I mumbled deep in thought. Memories of that first run and thinking that I would end up at the pound with the other dogs almost sent Andrew into a fit of laughter. He struggled to keep the smile from his face but I saw it glittering in his eyes. Now it's funny, I thought at him... then it was terrifying. "You know, I never thought to check the newspapers for something like that. I'll give it a shot. Who knows maybe we will come across something. I just thought it would be better to tell you first before Henry. I know he has been through a lot and well I didn't know what you wanted to tell him." "Thank you, Jack. You two really can do miracles." Grandfather smiled Lolita Underage Nude at Jack. "Andrew says Sandy is ok. Did she go home?" I looked to Andrew and then Grandfather. "I treated her for the gas. It gave her a very hard time. I am guessing because of her age. She went home about 24 hours after you disappeared. She was recovered and feeling very much in the way even though I tried to tell her otherwise. She said she recognized the gas that was used against you, something from the old days. She said she wanted to make some inquiries and that she would call when she had news. I haven't heard from her since she left." Tim tipped his head slightly to the side deep in thought. "I didn't recognize the gas. It was totally new to me. I wasn't aware that there was anything that would knock a shape shifter unconscious." "Yes there is. It was never used in the recent wars, but back during the blood war there was a substance called CaniBain. It was a powder that could be added to an aerosol or tastelessly into food or water. It was never deadly to the purebloods." Grandfather said, glancing at his watch. I could see he was nervously waiting for his phone to ring. Henry and Joe came in the door, leading in the kitchen maid who was laden with 5 trays of food for Andrew, Henry, Jack, Joe and myself. A second maid brought in 3 silver goblets which I knew was for Grandfather, Charlie and Tim. I went to the table with Andrew and sat on his lap while Henry, Jack and Joe took the other 3 chairs. Charlie, Tim and Grandfather took their goblets and sat around the sitting area. Henry got up at one point and walked over to Charlie who was sitting on the armrest of one of the chairs. She looked down at Henry and smiled as he looked up at her curiously. She squatted down in front of him not really sure what he wanted. Henry tentatively touched her red hair and her leather outfit and smiled at her. He touched her face, feeling her rock hard, smooth as silk, cold skin. He rested a hand against her chest, but her heart was as silent as Grandfathers. He grinned at her then returned to the table to eat with the rest of us. It didn't take long till he was standing in front of Tim who was sitting in a chair next to Grandfather, discussing CaniBain. Tim smiled at Henry and opened his arms. Henry climbed into Tim's lap. Tim was impeccably dressed in his simple grey suit. Henry loosened Tim's tie a bit and put a hand against Tim's face, feeling the same rock hard, smooth as silk, cold skin as he had with Charlie. He put his head against Tim's chest listening carefully as Tim slowly breathed in and out, the same silent heartbeat. Henry cocked his head to the side a bit and looked curiously at Tim. Tim wrapped an arm around Henry and hugged him close and ruffled his hair. When Tim next took a sip from his cup, Henry reached carefully for the cup. Tim was startled at first and looked at me. I nodded at Tim. Henry was going to have to see it eventually. It was unavoidable and better he understood from the Lolita Underage Nude beginning. Tim looked deeply into Henry's eyes and didn't see any fear, just curiosity. So Tim lowered the cup so Henry could see inside. Henry curled his nose and looked questioningly at Tim. "Henry, Charlie, Grandfather and I are vampires. The only thing we can eat or drink is blood. We don't have a choice. Just like Lance, Andrew, then twins and someday you, all change into different animal shapes. It is part of who and what you are." Tim said gently. Henry didn't look scared but I could tell that he was worried. "We have to drink human blood. It is the only kind we can drink but we do not hunt Lolita Underage Nude humans like our ancestors used to. We get all of our blood from blood banks, donated sources. We don't kill people anymore. Do you understand?" Tim asked carefully. "We would never hurt someone in order to feed." That seemed to satisfy Henry and he smiled and wrapped his arms around Tim's neck for a quick hug Lolita Underage Nude and then ran Lolita Underage Nude back to the table to finish his breakfast. He was such an inquisitive child and seemed so naturally happy that I was hopeful that maybe someday he would speak again. But if he didn't, that was ok too because he didn't need to speak to be understood. As soon as the meal was finished, the twins left to return to the farm. Charlie followed them out and Tim discretely followed her. Grandfather, Andrew and I sat with Henry contentedly curled on my lap, his gray eyes searching my own seeing my nervousness. "Henry, we have some good news, we have a sister and maybe another brother. The twins came to tell us the news. Lolita Underage Nude Our sister is your twin and she is here in Denver. Grandfather has a lawyer trying to get custody switched so we can go and get her. Her name is LytaRose." "You learned what we are rather harshly and I don't know what Brad told you..." Henry reached up and put a hand on my face. His eyes were clear and unafraid. "When the time comes, during puberty for boys, the first transformation will happen, usually triggered by stress or adrenalin. For girls it is a bit different. They have to achieve full growth before the first transformation. This means that more than likely you will change before she will." Henry nodded that he understood. "The other brother is still a bit of a mystery. He is 10 years older than me. But we can't find him. The last record of him was when he was in a car accident at 15. His name is Justin. The Jack and Joe are still looking through more records for information about him hoping to find him." Henry looked upset but nodded again. "Do you want to come with when Andrew and I go to pick up LytaRose?" Henry nodded yes, he wanted to come too. "We will go to social services and get her and bring her back here. Then we will have to show her what we are. She is probably going to get scarred. If she is like me, I was very angry. I am hoping that she didn't have as hard a time as we did in foster care. Do you remember her at all?" Henry frowned a little then shook his Lolita Underage Nude head no. He didn't remember her. "That's Ok. I was just hoping that you might have gotten to spend some time with her before you were separated. It is possible that she was treated worse than both of us and that she is unwell and may need a lot of help to get better. If that is the case we will have to be very careful and try and help her as much Lolita Underage Nude as we can." Henry smiled at me and nodded. He hugged me close rubbing his cheek against mine and running his hand along my other cheek. "I love you too sweetheart." I whispered into his ear. Henry climbed from my lap to Andrew's lap and looked him hesitantly in the eye. Andrew pulled the boy against him so Henry's head was resting against his shoulder and held him rocking gently. "I love you too little brother." Andrew whispered. Henry wrapped his arms around Andrew's neck and held tightly. Then he pushed back gently and looked Andrew in the eyes and placed his head against Andrew's chest listening for his heartbeat. Andrew looked at me strangely and I showed him how Henry had checked my heartbeat with each transformation I had made. He smiled at me with understanding and held Henry close to him. When Henry let go and grinned at Andrew, Andrew bent over him and began tickling him till he was laughing hard, but silently and tears were streaming from his eyes. Andrew then held Henry cradled in his arms and put his head to Henry's chest, listening to Henry's heartbeat. Andrew grinned as Henry held Andrew's head against his heart just as Andrew had held his. Henry then grinned and kissed Andrew on the cheek then climbed back into my lap and kissed me. Then he climbed into Grandfather's lap and held his head staring into Grandfather's eyes. He wrapped his little arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. "Ok, I think we are ready. Lolita Underage Nude Grandfather, are you coming along?" "No dear. I will stay here but I am sending Tim along, just in case and I am sure Charlie will not let you go without her." Grandfather shook his head and chuckled. "We don't want to Lolita Underage Nude overwhelm her. I am sure she will not be comfortable with the number of us as it Lolita Underage Nude is." Even Henry nodded agreeing with Grandfather that our numbers can be overwhelming in the beginning.
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